Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Using Picasa to Take Screenshots

Here's something I just found out accidentally the other day. I'm an avid screen capture user; and as you're probably aware by now, you can capture whatever you're seeing in your computer screen by pressing the PrtSc key (from its old gone printing days "Print Screen"). That takes a screenshot and places it in the clipboard, ready to be pasted anywhere you can paste an image. (If you're using Chrome and Gmail, you can now paste the image directly to the email text box ;)

Unfortunately, most of the time you'll need it in a "file", either as a BMP, JPEG, PNG or other. That means having to open a image editor program (like Paint) pasting the image there, and saving it.
Sure, there are countless screen capture programs that can ease up that process, but I really don't like having those around.

That's when, by accident, I found out Picasa can also provide a similar feature. If you happen to have Picasa installed (and who doesn't?) and running, whenever you press the PrtSc key it will automatically save it to a specifica screen capture folder!

So, if you need to make a bunch of screen captures... just open up Picasa and start pressing that PrtSc key.

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