Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Zoosh Ultrasonic NFC

Although NFC is the buzzword these days, promising wireless data transfer and payment transactions just by bumping your smartphone on another device, we're still forced to wait until everything is in place for it to work.

How would you feel going somewhere and not being able to pay via your now trusted NFC wallet? Some companies are pushing this technology really hard (as seen by Google's Wallet) but it will still take some time till we actually get there.

What if we could take advantage of the same desirable features NFC has to offer - without actually having to have NFC hardware? That's exactly what Zoosh proposes by using a simple speaker and microphone already present in your smartphone, to create a ultrasonic data transfer.

It's actually so simple one wonder's why no else had though of this before. See it action in the following video:

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