Thursday, June 30, 2011

Netflix Limits Quality

Remember the days when internet video was limited to small blocky images stuttering in our screen, and the idea of using the internet to stream high definition quality video seemed a far fetched dream?

Well, that far fetched dream not only came true as it is now forcing us to tone down its quality... In response to the growing number of metered internet plans, Netflix has introduced stream quality options that can reduce the usual 2.3GB/h data rate to just 0.7GB or even 0.3GB.

Although I think that's a good idea, I can't stop wondering why internet operators that have offered "unlimited" internet for so long, are now starting to change their minds... right when their customers would actually benefit from such unlimited plans.

Once again, it's easy to sell "something" you know for sure you can't deliver and your customers won't use... until they actually start using it.

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