Wednesday, July 6, 2011

BitTorrent is 10 Years Old

One of the most effective data transfer protocolos - one usually associated with illegal downloads - BitTorrent is now 10 years old.

Just like one shouldn't blame http (the protocol behind web pages) just because some sites offer illegal downloads, the same thing should be kept in mind in regard to BitTorrent.

The thing is, BitTorrent is quite effective at what it does, allowing a huge amount of data to be shared among thousands (or millions) of users without requiring a huge server or gigantic bandwidth - see how torrents work.

That's precisely why illegal content shared use it - just like they would use any other protocol or tool that would allow the most efficient means to their ends.

Today, you don't even need to download and install a "old-fashioned" program, as you can use torrents right from your browser by using BitLet.

Here's a small and informal interview with BitTorrents creator, Bram Cohen.

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