Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Moving to Google+

For all those wishing to spend less time on Facebook and embrace Google+ as their main social hub, here's an avatar that might let your friends now how you feel.

I know Facebook user won't readily pack up and leave - considering there's still lots of things to do on Google+ until it is actually a finished product. But, as it is right now, it already shows it might actually grow to be a very strong social contender, particularly because it will be "right in your face" for every single Google/Gmail user out there (which means over a billion such users).

The main annoyance right now is that Google+ is still hard to get into. Google has briefly made it public, just to shut it down again after an overwhelming number of users tried to claim their Google+ account.

Let's hope Google sorts it out soon, as there's no much "social networking" without having your friends around on the same network as well...

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