Thursday, July 21, 2011

New MacBook Air, Mac Mini, OS X Lion and Thunderbolt Displays

Apple finally presented the new (and expected) MacBook Air, OS X Lion, Mac Mini, and... a Thunderbolt Display that replaces the precious Cinema Displays.

New MacBook Air
The new and improved MacBook Air starts at $999 and becomes the entry level Apple laptop (the white plastic MacBooks are now gone). But don't be fooled by its compact size, as the new Airs are more powerful than ever and now have Thunderbolt ports.

You now get Intel Core i5 CPUs as standard, and even the option to upgrade it to a Core i7. Also, you get OS X Lion, and... one of my favorites: backlit keyboards.

Models starts with a 1.6Ghz Core i5 with 2GB Ram and 64GB SSD, and 1366x768 screen (and 5h battery life); while 13" models get a 1.7Ghz i5, 4GB Ram and 128GB SSD, as well as a higher resolution 1440x900 display.

OS X Lion

With over 250 new features, changes and improvementes OS X Lion gets most of its inspiration from the mobile area (iOS) and will surely require an adjustment period for users and developers alike. It's available for download for $29.99 and will be available in a USB pen as well... for $69.99.

(There's also a new 64bits iTunes with fullscreen support.)

Mac Mini

Just like the new Airs, the new Mac Mini is now more powerful than ever, with Core i5 ou i7, Thunderbolt, AMD Radeon HD graphics, and Mac OS X Lion. Starting at $599 it comes with 2GB de RAM, 500GB harddrive, and a 2.3Ghz Core i5 - that can go up to 3,4Ghz thanks to Turbo Boost 2.0.

You also get Ethernet gigabit, FireWire 800, HDMI, SDXC, audio in/out, Thunderbolt (up to 6 devices), and four USB ports. You can get faster CPUs, 8GB RAM, and even - should you afford it - a 500GB SSD (2x 256GB).

Thunderbolt Displays

Last but not least, Apple pushes forward with the Thunderbolt revolution, and the once iconic Cinema Display now become the Thunderbolt Displays.

These 27" LED backlit LCDs (2560 x 1440) come with 2.1 speakers, MagSafe charger, 3 USB ports, 1 FireWire 800 port, 1 Gigabit Ethernet port and... a passthrough Thunderbolt port to connect up to 5 other Thunderbolt devices.

When you connect your Thunderbolt Mac to one of these displays, you're automatically connected to all these extra ports - making it the "perfect" docking station. And before you think of it... no, you cannot connect 6 such Displays in daisy chain mode - that would be awesome, I know - you're limited to connecting only two... at least for now.

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