Friday, July 22, 2011

Portuguese Skater Fail Viral Video

Today I bring you the latest viral video that is making the news in Portugal. A video where a young moustched man (contrary to popular belief, moustaches aren't really that common in Portugal - at least not in the last two or three decades) does a spectacular fail when trying to skate is way down a road, and after being nearly run down by a car!

To make it even better, he first said some words worthy of Armstrong's first lunar landing, which although impossible to translate directly, loosely become something like: "Fear... Fear is something that doesn't become me". Followed later on by the viral word of the moment: "Sai da frente Guedes!" - meaning: "Get out of the way Guedes!" as his journey went faster and faster... with the expected and disastrous consequences you can see below.

In just a couple of days this video reached over 1 million views, and it has made the news - where we found out he has already received a dinner invitation from a girl he always wanted to go out with, but was unsuccessful until now.

Get out of his way. Looks like nothing can stop Hélio from getting is 15 minutes of internet fame - not even Guedes can stop hime! :)

And, as always, even Hitler had something to say about all this.

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