Monday, July 25, 2011

Please Don't Install This Update

As if the update sysndrome wasn't bad enough - as we accumulate more and more Apps on our smartphones and computers, rarely a day goes by without facing some kind of update popping up. And although most of the time it's due to the never ceasing "bug fixes"; some other times we can be facing a "spam-update", like the ones that remove existing features, or introduce previously non-existent ads.

But none of those beats the one that brings me here today, the "please don't install this update" updates!

I don't know what kind of tools Apple provides developers in order to manage update submissions, but clearly something is severely wrong.

If developers can access and update their update descriptions, why shouldn't they be able to instantly pull down one when something wrong got through?

Not to mention: isn't Apple's App Store supposed to be "quality controlled"? If that's the case, how can they explain such updates ever see the light of day - or, more importantly, the eyes of any user? For a company that prides itself for being user friendly, these "please don't install" updates certainly don't make it look that friendly.

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