Tuesday, August 2, 2011

IsoStick - Optical Drive Emulator in a Pen Drive

It's not that hard to find great projects in KickStarter, a site that allows anyone to make their dream come true with the help of everyone. This IsoStick is one such project and will certainly appeal to everyone still lugging around boot CDs and DVDs.

Unlike the traditional "complexities" associated with booting ISOs from a USB drive, this IsoStick may look like a pen drive to you, but will be seen as a plain-old regular optical drive to your computer.

Better yet, you can copy multiple ISO files onto it, and you'll be presented with a ISO selection menu whenever you're booting from it.

It may not be cheap but... considering you've probably one of those guys/gals that spent well over $300 on your first CD-Rom Drive... it will help put this IsoStick cost into perspective, right? :)

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