Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Layar Vision - (More) Augmented Reality

Remember the Layar Reality Browser that allows anyone to create their own augmented reality layers to overlap in the real world? Now they're about to take it one step further with the new Layar Vision.

The new system allows the creation of more immersive and interactive layers, such as sharing articles on a magazing, accessing special offers on a dinner menu, etc.

You just need to point your smartphone camera to an image to instantly access the extra features.

In the future, I imagine this kind of stuff to evolve into a standard that will allow any number of Apps to access this kind of "augmented reality" info - or better yet, they'll be integrated into the OS itself. But until that day comes, Layar sure is one of the most effective ways to accomplish it (and I wouldn't be surprised if one of these days one of the big "ones" - like Google, FB, etc. - tries to grab it while it's not to late.)

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