Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Low Cost iPhone in the Making?

Besides the growing rumors that the next iPhone will be a world-phone, compatible with both CDMA and GSM mobile networks - and avoiding the two different models currently in existance - some say the low-cost iPhone is real and is already in the making.

Some suppliers say a new "low cost" iPhone with just 8GB is already in production and it will serve as a more economic offering in Apple's - until now unique- iPhone catalog. Sure, the iPhone is a big success in all the markets around the world, but there are many more emerging countries where low cost smartphones are becoming a technological and social revolution; countries where the $500+ iPhones have no chance of getting to the majority of the population.

With a $200-$300 iPhone model - while still "expensive" compared to lower cost Android Phones - Apple will then have a more accessible offering that can become a major weapon in attracting millions more customers. Such a lower cost iPhone could even be offered for free in subsidized contracts, making it even more attractive for low income end-users.

Guess we'll know what Apple is planning in the upcoming weeks.

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