Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Samsung Recalls 2001 as Defense to Apple

With Apple and Samsung intertwined in a "copycat-lookalikes" patent battle regarding their tablets, Samsung decided to take one step back in time and travel to the now distant year of 1968, the year Kubrick adapted Arthur C. Clarke's sci-fi classic 2001 - A Space Odyssey to the big screen deu um salto ao passado em busca de uma defesa histórica.

In that movie, nearly 40 years before anyone would ever know what an "iPad" would be, two astronauts are eating while having two tablet like devices on their table: device that are flat, thin, and screens using up most of the frontal surface - in short: tablets!

So, let's hope this will show just how moronic the USA patent system has become, allowing for a number of design patents (and more) to be patented, that in fact were already conceptualized years - or decades - ago; therefore invalidating any patent claim.

Let's see how this proceeds, and if sci-fi movies will begin to serve as anti-patent weapons in this mad-patent-battle world.

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