Thursday, September 8, 2011

GeoFences on Flickr Keep your Photos Private

People often forget just how much info they provide publicly. If you post a photo taken with a modern smartphone on the web, chances are you'll not only be telling everyone with the exact model of your device, but the GPS coordinates of the place you took it at. And all it takes is some snooping around the EXIF data embedded in the photograph.

That can often be too much info, if you're posting photos from your home or at work.

But with Flickr Geofences you can now keep your locations safe.

Basically, you can specify safe zones around your home, work, school - and, if you post a photo taken inside one of these safe zones, Flickr will automatically set its privacy to the one you've specifies. Meaning, you can keep you home photos visible to just your contacts; your son's school visible to just family and friends; etc.

If you use Flickr and have geolocated photos, you might want to give it a try.

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