Friday, September 9, 2011

TouchPal for Android for Free

Remeber the amazing TouchPal touch keyboard for Android? The keyboard that combines the awesome predictive writing of Swiftkey with the cool draw-as-you-write from Swype, and even the almost magic capabilities of Blindtype?

Indeed it offer the best of all worlds (keyboards) in a single package, and best of all, it can be yours for free!

This impressive TouchPal keyboard is free on Android Market until Oct. 31 - and unlike beta and demo versions of its competitors, this is the real deal: the full, no limitations, no expiration dates, version. Its a keyboard you'll be able to use on your Android even when it will start to be a paid App.

Don't forget to review and star it accordingly in the market, to help other users know how you feel about it.
And don't forget there are a lot of language packs out there if you happen to want to use it in other languages, such as:

Happy writing and swyping! :)

[Via @TouchPal]

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