Friday, September 30, 2011

Padzilla - Giant Touchscreen for iPhone and iPad

If you ever wished you could have a giant iPhone or iPad, you can now have it thank's to Crunchy Logistic's Padzilla.

This Padzilla allows you to connect an iPhone or iPad to a giant (up to 150") touchscreen you can still use just like a regular iPhone or iPad. (Sending the video output from either device to a giant screen is no problem, though still haven't figured out how they send the multitouch input back "into" de host iPhone/iPad).

In the following video there are also a couple of shots where the touch action doesn't quite relate to what's happening on screen, which might indicate there are some lag issues - or that it was simply "mocked up" to show how it would actually work. In either case, better keep both eyes open until you have the chance to actually see it working (or try it out) yourself.

If this is indeed real, it sure will be great... if it ever comes down to affordable prices.

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