Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Satellite is Coming Down... Somewhere

Is you're planning on going out tomorrow, or until next saturdar, you better keep an eye out on the sky.

No, it's not rain that is coming down, but pieces of the 6 ton giant UARS (Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite) orbiting our planet. Launched into space in 1991, it did its job till 2005, and is now coming back to a eco-friendly recycling reentry process where it will be desintegrated... for the most part.

Nasa expects up to 26 pieces to survive the reentrey process, totaling 532kg - the biggest weighing about 159Kg - that is sure to make a headache wherever it lands, which is... somehere. There is no way to predict where it might fall, so... although chances that it will hit anyone are slim... Better keep you head down and your eyes up in the air - because in the next couple of days, the "sky" will indeed "fall down"!

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