Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fitbit ultra

If you feel the need to track your physical activity throughout the day, you might find the new and improved  Fitbit Ultra just the thing you need.

This is a small device you can/should carry around with you at all times, and that besides the accelerometer already present in the previous model now includes an altimeter as well. Meaning... you can now track how much you've "climbed" during the day and add a whole new perspective to your fitness reports.

Data is sent to fitbit's servers wirelessly every 15 minutes - as long as you're less than 15 feet from the dock/charging base connected to a PC/Mac. You can expect the whole deal regarding your fitness reports - and if you already know RunKeeper, you know just how powerful its influence can be into pushing you to do better and achieve you goals. Even if just not to look "bad" in front of your other fitbit friends.

Fitbit Ultra can be yours for $99 within the next couple of weeks.

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