Tuesday, October 4, 2011

iPhone 5/4S is Announced Today

We're just hours away from the unveiling of the next generation of one of the most coveted gadgets in existence today: Apple's iPhone.

Some say we'll be seeing a radically different iPhone design, other say it will "just" be an iPhone 4S looking just like the current one - albeit with a much speedier CPU and a better camera. Others still say we'll be seeing two iPhones - a high-end modelo and a "cheap one" destined to the emerging markets...

Who can say for sure?... Not me... But that didn't stop me from inquiring my loyal readers in my native-language blog, and the results are... well... as expected.

Guesses are equally divided between a radical new design and keeping the same look as the current iPhone 4, slightly biased towards the new design. Also, 50% say they would like the new tear shaped design better!
(Although, as it was pointed out, a tear shaped iPhone could make it awkward to hold in landscape mode...)

At this point, I wouldn't bet on a new design... and would feel more comfortable with a iPhone 4S just like it happened with the 3GS. (Although that move might be felt like a "let down" by many iPhone fans)...

I think the real "show-off" will be the new iOS5 with its Nuance powered voice recognition and Siri-based Virtual Assistant. However, in my poll me readers place the "Goodybye iTunes/Cloud based syncing" and new and improved notification system as the highest ranking features they loved.

Algo, a lot of them feel the Virtual Assistant will be nothing but the sort of thing you can already do with Google Voice Actions and Windows Phone Mango... (Personally, I think this is where Apple will leave current systems in the dust, based on the impressive work Siri was doing over 1 year ago.)

Well... we'll all know who's right and who's wrong in just a few hours, and I'll be back tomorrow to let you know what I think. :)

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