Wednesday, October 12, 2011

iOS 5 Available Today

The much awaited iOS 5 for the iPhone and iPad will be made available today, for free, for all devices from the iPhone 3GS onwards.

This updates comes with lots of improvements and new features that will turn even an "old" iPhone 3GS in a completely new beast - not to mention some nice speed improvements in browsing speed and javascript. An improvement that makes the iPhone 4 faster than the speedy Galaxy S 2 with Android 2.3.4, not to mention the even faster iPhone 4S - even though its underclocked to 800Mhz.

Unfortunately, we won't be getting Siri with the iOS 5 - not even on the iPhone 4 - but with over 200 new features, I'm sure there will be enough to keep users happy for quite some time.

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