Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Low-Cost Light Tent for Photography

If you ever tried to take photos of gadgets or other small things, you've probably wondered why your photos look so bad compared to the shots you see in professional magazines and catalogs. More than the actual camera, the trick is to get the perfect lighting, and for that you may need to use a light tent allowing you to have soft diffuse light bathing your "subject".

The real kicker is: you don't even have to spend a fortune to get one: as you can find cheap light tents in sites like Deal Extreme for just $20! That makes even DIY solutions like using translucent IKEA trashcans a lot less interesting. :)
Besides, it comes with colored background cloths to suit the object you're photographing.

The only complaint so far is that it seems rather hard to fold the tent back into its compact carrying bag... But considering this light tent low cost... I guess that's something we can all live with.

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