Monday, October 10, 2011

Nexus Prime Bigger Screen on Same Form Factor?

We all want bigger screens on our mobile phones... but we also need it to be compact enough to be easily carried around in our pockets and usable with just one hand. With screen sizes of 4.2" and bigger, things look like they might be getting out of hand, and with the new HD OLED 4.65" (1280x720) screens, like the one we expect to have on the new Nexus Prime, it would seem Google would have lost its mind... UNless they could find a way to cram a larger screen without making the smartphone bigger than the last Nexus.

And thats exactly what it seems they did. With the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich, Google might have decided to ditch the usual Android physical keys (just like they did on Android Honeycomb), making it show as "softkeys" on screen.

If this is the case, the Nexus Prime might indeed have the larger screen and still keep the same apparent size - and it also will clear up, once and for all, all the messy button situations out there (each brand deciding on which keys to implement, and its order, etc.)

Looks like the Nexus Prime will soon become the first real Android device for the next generation.

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