Sunday, October 9, 2011

Google Docs New Look

Is you rely on Google to work and manage your docs, you've probably noticed Google Docs new look. A look that was improved based on user's feedback, and that - at least for me - looks like another step in the right direction.

Sure, the color scheme might not look as "cool" as the previous version, and even look a bit "flashy" - but at least it adds enough contrast to lets us easily sort through what we're trying to find.

But, better yet, the thing I just love the most... We can now select the display density setting! This was one of my biggest complaints (and still is, in the case of Blogger's dashboard - but I hope Google will eventually implement a similar option there).

This allows us to have a visual appealing "Comfortable" setting... but also having a "compact" mode that allows us to put to use all the available screen estate we have.
I just hope the Blogger team won't take too long to "copy" this feature... ;)

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