Thursday, November 3, 2011

iPhone gets Official Gmail App with Bugs and All

It was rumored to be imminent, and indeed it was, after Gmail's design change, we finally got an official and "native" Gmail App for iPhones and iPads. Or at least... so we thought!

The problem is that this much awaited App greeted every user with a error popup with a cryptic message regarding notification activation. Not a very good way to start.

The App was quickly pulled from the App Store, causing major frustration for everyone looking for it... But it's kind of inadmissable that:

1) Google would launch a App with such a glaring bug that pops up when you launch it!
2) Apple Store reviewers wouldn't catch that bug either!

Never the less, even without notifications - which are kind of the "point" for having a native App - the Gmail apps behaves quite like the mobile gmail interface you already have in your mobile browser.

So, the new stuff is the (for now missing) push notification, send photos as attachment, autocomplete email addressess (from both the gmail contact list as well as your iPhone's contacts), and easy label access with a swipe to the right.

[Gmail App na App Store]

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