Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How to Fix iPhone 4S Poor Battery Life

The new iPhone 4S may be the best iPhone ever but... unfortunately it has also been in the news due to undesirable issues: such as its poor battery life.

I was just one of the many people that noticed a drastically reduced battery life going from my previous iPhone 4 to the new 4S... and wasn't very happy about it. I was used to getting a full day of averagy/intensive use out of my iPhone... and with the new 4S, I couldn't even get to the end of the afternoon without reaching the critical red stage (below 20%).

Sure, I have "everything" enabled: 3G, location services, bluetooth... and I planned on keeping it that way.

I also tried some of the tips: disabling the location services for the ads, timezone adjustment, etc. But it made no difference at all.

So, a few days back I decided to go old school and simply perform a complete discharge/charge cycle - also called "battery recalibration" - as it allows the charging/monitoring circuits to better measure the battery level.

I noticed something might be off, as i quickly got to the 20% mark... and to the 10%... but the iPhone 4S just kept going and going... one hour... two hours... and so on... until a few hours later - at last - the iPhone 4S finally shut itself off. Meaning... the last 20% took almost as much time to deplete as the previous "80%".

It seemed I was on to something...

I left my iPhone 4S charging overnight, and the next day my new iPhone 4S discharge rate was finally similar to what I was used to on my iPhone 4. Going through the day without a hitch.

Now, a few days later, the iPhone 4S keeps behaving just as I would expect - and no longer showing me low battery warnings in the afternoon.

Considering it won't cost you anything to try it: I strongly suggest you do the same if you're facing the same abnormal "low battery" warning. It might simply be just a erroneous battery level  measurement!

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