Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wireless Electricity Charging by Rohm

No matter how much more wireless our world is becoming, there's still one wire we seem unable to let go: the power cable. Sure there are companies working day in and day out in bringing us wireless chargers, and we can find it even in small affordable items like Philips' Lumiware products, but we're still a far cry from true massive - and equally important - standard and inter operative wireless chargers.

Maybe we're now a step closer thanks to this Rohm wireless table charger.

Unlike other wireless chargers, this one is can achieve 93% efficiency - which although is still a lot less that what you can achieve with a wired connection, makes us believe it will soon become a viable alternative to plugging devices in.

Also important, it is capable of transmitting up to 100W of power - making it possible to charge laptops, and lots other smaller devices placed over it.

... Now it is just a question of "when" such devices will become common in your homes.

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