Thursday, November 10, 2011

Partition Master - Free Alternative to Partition Magic

This is the kind of tool that should come as standard in any operating system, but unfortunately still is cause for major headaches whenever you have to deal with it. If you're fond of splitting up your hard drive in different partitions, to keep your OS and applications separate from your data, the tricky question is: how much space should I allocate for it?

A few years back, a few Gigabytes would be more than enough for your OS partition, but ever since Windows started growing, lots of people are finding their "C:" drive to be running dangerously low on disk space. (I have no clue why Windows is taking up so much space, a 20GB partition is now barely large enough to keep Windows and just a couple of other programs installed).

So... when we can do nothing else, we must resort to resizing the disk partition... and find out that we can't actually do it, unless we rely on some other third party application, like Partition Magic - which unfortunately isn't free. But thankfully, there is an alternative partition resizer program that is: Partition Master by EaseUS.

Though it still has more comprehensive paid versions, the free Partition Master is more than capable of doing what we need: resizing partitions without wiping out the current data (though, as always, you should backup the important stuff... just in case!)

It has already saved me from completely wiping and reinstalling Windows systems in more than a couple of times, and I hope you find it just as useful.

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