Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Google's Answer to Siri is Star Trek

Google's first reaction to Apple's Siri was - as expected by any company not having a direct competitor to that product - to downplay it and say people weren't interested in talking to a virtual assistant. But, it wouldn't take a genius to imagine Google engineers inside their secret Google X Labs going into overdrive to bring something similar, or even better, to market as soon as possible.

And that may very well happen sooner rather than later.

Project codename: Majel.
Mission: to go where no man has gone before...

Star Trek fans will immediately recognize the reference to Gene Rodenberry's wife, Majel - which gave voice to Star Trek's famous computer.

Unlike a virtual assistant, Google's approach is not to make it sound personal, the voice being just another way for humans to interact with machines.

Well... as long as they can give it a sense of humor when someone asks their Android to beam them up, or actually implement a "Kitt, come and get me!" function for their driverless cars, I'm in! ;)

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