Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mirrored Transparent LCDs Made in Portugal

Transparente LCDs are nothing new. We've been seeing them for a while in shows... But now, we have a transparent LCD with a twist, and it comes from Portugal.

Sendae is a new company that comes to market offering mirrored transparent LCDs and hopes it will be enough to make companies willing to leave an impression in their customers to jump into these seemingly magical displays.

While off, it acts like a regular mirror - and although it can also show images in this mode, it truly comes to life when it becomes transparent with overlaying images and text.

It can even have a camera than can track visitors, and add a whole new layer of interactivity, with software developed by a portuguese University.

There are two models to start with: 22" and 46". The first costs under 1000 euros, the larger costs a bit over 2000 euros.

See it in action, just below.

Transparent Mirror LCD from Sendae Systems on Vimeo.

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