Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Honda Uni-Cub Robot Unicycle

Most people still look surprised when they see a Segway zooming along... But imagine just how more amazed they would be if they saw one of these robotized unicycles from Honda, the Uni-Cub.

While it is strange to see a vehicle like the Segway keeping balance with just two wheels, things get even more interesting when you use just one.
(ok, truth be told, there's still a small auxiliary wheel to keep this Uni-Cub in balance... but the end result is still quite amazing).

Though I'm sure this would be a fun way to move around in a futuristic city, where each vehicle wouldn't take any more space than a single person; I suspect we're still a long way from that. So, if they can bring down the costs to make it accessible for anyone suffering from reduced mobility at home... that wouldn't be so bad for now.

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