Sunday, December 25, 2011

Siri Plays the PIano

We've seen Siri jumping out into the real world before, by setting thermostat temperatures at home, and more... But none can get close to having Siri play a real piano, as we're about to see.

Craig Knudsen is the inventor of the amazing SmartKEY for Yamaha's Disklavier pianos... the ones that can play all by themselves, moving the keys and pedals up and down, just like if it were being played by an invisible pianist.

The system sends a audio file (with embedded MIDI data) via WiFi to an Apple Airport Express mounted underneath the piano, and connected to the analog MIDI inputs of the diskclavier via a standard audio cable.

The result, as you're about to see... is pure magic. And as Christmas is coming... it reminds me that I still have a grand piano MIDI keyboard in my wishlist... for ages!

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