Friday, December 30, 2011

WPS Vulnerability Helps Crack WPA WiFi Networks

Looks like security (or lack of it) is the buzzword for 2011's last days. After learning that most internet servers out there are vulnerable to attack, we also find that even WPA WiFi networks can be cracked in 10 hours or less.

Most people should know by now that using WEP to protect their WiFi networks is almost the same has having it open - with lots of programs out there that can crack it in just a few minutes. And as such, WPA/WPA2 has been promoted to the "de facto" standard protection method every WiFi network should use.

But, the thing is... even your WPA WiFi network can be crack in less than 10h - if you're using WPS!

The key here is WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) itself.  The system that tries to make it simple for any person to setup a protected WiFi network, but that - in this case - serves the exact opposite purpose.
The most basic method of WPS allows you to configure your WiFi devices using a simple PIN... and it's that same PIN that is vulnerable to brute force attacks that hackers can then use to find out your WPA passwords.

Something to keep in mind if you're really serious about your WiFi network security.

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