Sunday, January 29, 2012

Free GPS Navigation App for Portugal

If you ever happen to visit Portugal and need to get your bearings straight, there's always the possibility of using a GPS navigation App in your iPhone or Android device. But, most time you might have to spend money aquiring a new map, or buy a new app... And online solutions like Google Maps, use up valuable roaming data that is obscenely overcharged. So, why not forget about all that and do it without spending a cent?

Thanks to TMN (a national cell phone operator) we can now have a completely free GPS navigation App to drive around Portugal: TMN Drive for the iPhone; TMN Drive for Android.

This App is based on a well known portuguese developed GPS navigation system call NDrive, that is currently being used by many navigation Apps under customized versions, and besides the obvious advantage of beeing free, it has probably the most comprehensive database of PoI (Points of Interest) of them all: over 700 thousands!

Extra features, like live traffic info and extra maps will still cost you extra. But for the most part, you can use it for free. Something to keep in mind should you ever come driving to our cozy little country. :)


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