Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Google Screenwise - How Much is Your Privacy Worth?

How about being paid $100 upfront, and $20 each month, for doing nothing more than you already do? No, it's not a scam... it's just the Screenwise data collector program with which Google hopes to gather an even more detailed insight about how people use the internet.

IT might sound strange, Google already had Petabytes of info regarding our internet use - not only thanks to their services, like Gmail, Calendar, Docs, etc. (and Google Search, of course) - but also thanks to its tracking codes that are in most web pages, with Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

But, theres more to it, and that's exactly what they're interesting in finding out. Truth be told, your privacy will still be mostly kept, as personal information will be scrubbed clean before being processed or sold to other parties - and I guess this isn't that different from the systems that track TV watching patterns or radio listening from the "old days".

The real question is that if you think that $100 plus a monthly $20 fee is enough for you to sell out your data. Is it really enough? Should it be worth more?

Anyway the program is already closed due to high demand... So, no matter how you or I think about it, there are thousands of people out there that seem to think it really is a good deal.

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