Thursday, February 23, 2012

LightBeam Physical Displays and Interface

No one even thinks about it anymore. A futuristic interface shown on a screen is now... common. But things change if those same interface "jump out" into the real world, as this LightBeam predicts.

Using picoprojectors to turn any surface into an interactive movable screen isn't new, nor is using real-life objects to interact with it - such as rotating a coffe mug to access Facebook (as seen on the video). But it serves to show us that our future homes still have a long way to go. Who wouldn't like to be able to access the internet, or recipes, or video-chatting with friends when you're on the kitchen -for instance- and using the available physical objects as "controllers"?

Let's hope the falling prices of picoprojectors and 3D cameras like Kinect allows this kind of technology to come to our houses soon... Unless Google's digital augmented reality glasses don't make it obsolete by then.

[via Engadget]

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