Friday, February 24, 2012

Shortcut to Access Draft Emails in iOS

Tired of going for the "long run" whenever you try to access your draft emails on your iPhone/iPad? Drafts can be easily stored when you begin writing an email and then hit cancel (you'll be given the choice to save it as draft). But, getting them back is usually more cumbersome: you need to pull back to your inboxes, scroll around until you find the draft folder, open it, and finally select your draft email.

But there is a simpler and faster way: just tap and hold the compose button, and it will instantly bring back your latest draft email! (Provided you didn't reboot your iPhone/iPad - if so, you need to use the regular method).

Looks like I'll be using draft emails on the iPhone more from now on. :)

[via Obamapacman]

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