Saturday, March 10, 2012

Feedbruner Socialize Twitter Missing

For anyone using Google's feedburner to send their blog updates to Twitter, you'll certainly be familiarized with its socialize feature that turns that task into something as easy as clicking a few options on your feedburner feed.

However, if you tried doing or editing that these days, you'll probably notice that the feedburner's socialize section is missing!

It used to be available between the FeedCount and Chicklet section on the Publicize tab... but it's nowhere to be seen now.

But fear not... you can easily access the Socialize section (at least for now) by typing it directly on your browsers URL input box.

Just click on the publicize tab, and then edit the "publicize" text in the url to "socialize", so that you get something like:


Hope that might help.

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