Friday, March 9, 2012

SoftKinect has a Time of Flight Camera

Two years ago, people were speculating about how Microsoft futuristic Kinect 3D system (then known only as Project Natal) worked. And my bet was on the highly sofisticated and incredible time-of-flight 3D cameras. Unfortunately, it wasn't the case, and MS opted for a lower cost approach using a IR projection dot pattern to figure out 3D information.

But now, a Belgian company finally turns my dream into reality, and offers a time-of-flight Kinect: the SoftKinect.

The company hope to see its product place in lots of devices, from laptops to smart TVs... and I sincerely hope MS does notices them and makes their next-generation Kinect with this same technology. (I'm just curious about the price of their device, as 2 years ago, time of flight cameras were insanely expensive, although being just silicon, they're more likely to be able to be produced cheaply than a full Kinect assembly with several sensors, projectores, and stuff.)

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