Thursday, March 8, 2012

The New Apple iPad

It wasn't called the iPad 3, nor iPad HD, Apple's new iPad is simply... the new iPad. A change that was bound to come, sooner or later... or does anyone think some years from now we would be using a iPad 14 and a iPhone 26S?

The new iPad brings exactly what most rumors said: we finally have a retina display iPad with an incredible 2048x1536 resolution (think about it... that's about the same resolution of the movies you watch in your digital movie theater, all under your fingertips for a sight that really must be seen live to be appreciated!)

Also related, we get a new A5X CPU, with twice the graphics power (up from a dual-core PowerVR to a quad-core one; although with 4x as many pixels, it seems that we'll have to wait for next years iPad in order to have a GPU that really can push all those megapixels around - maybe with the new PowerVR series).

Other than that, we get 4G/LTE connectivity (two different models, for different US operators - both sporting worlwide 3G at least), and a improved 5MP camera with new optical elements similar to the ones on the iPhone.

If you were waiting to talk to Siri on your iPad, you'll have to keep waiting. The new iPad gets voice dictation, but no Siri - that's a shame.

The new iPad is slightly thicker and heavier, but keeps the same prices as the previous generation, and will be available next week on March the 16th, and worldwide (mostly) the following week (March 23rd) - it's the fastest launch ever!

Also interesting, the "old" iPad 2 will still be around, for a reduced price of $399 - a price that will make life a lot harder for any competing tablet that was betting on its low price to be considered an "alternative" to the more expensive iPad. That advantage is now largely gone...

So... will you be lining up to get the new iPad, or will you give it another year for developers to get used to the retina display resolution, and for Apple to jump to a quad-core and even better GPU?

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