Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Google Play Unifies Android Market, Music, Video and Books

A bold, but ultimately necessary, big change in Google's offerings: the Android Market is dead, and has now been replaced by the much broader Google Play.

A Google play where you can play your content no matter where you are (web, Android mobile devices, soon on the TV as well I presume); and that unifies Google Music, Videos and books with the Android Market for an all-in-one unified shopping/consuming experience.

So, don't stress when you find that your Apps have suddenly transformed:
  • Android Market now becomes Play Store
  • Google Music becomes Play Music
  • Video App becomes Play Movies
  • And Google Books becomes Play Books

Unfortunately, much of these changes still leave out the majority of the world. Other than the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Japan, all other countries get nothing but the usual access to Apps.
  • US: Apps, Movies, Books, Music
  • UK & Canada: Apps, Movies, Books
  • Australia: Apps & Books
  • Japan: Apps & Movies
  • Others: Apps

... Let's hope this serves as yet another warning that copyrights really need to be revamped from the ground up in order to be compatible with the new world we live in, and where it makes no sense to leave billions of people "out".

Be sure to check out the new Google Play and keep your eyes on the upcoming daily promos during the next days.

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