Friday, March 2, 2012

iPhone iOS March 1 Bug?

Looks like Microsoft isn't the only one having to deal with date issues (their Azure cloud was brought done by a date issue related to the Feb 29th date). Now... on March 2nd, I wake up to find my iPhone Calendar App "stuck" on March the 1st!

This was really weird, as entering the calendar showed the correct highlighted date of March 2nd.

Something that was confirmed by looking at the date on the lock screen.

I tried killing the calendar App, but nothing made any difference. So, after a while I reluctantly tried the technique I wouldn't expect I'd have to use on a iOS device... shutdown and reboot.

And there it was, back to its working glory.

A quick survey on my twitter timeline showed this wasn't a general issue (most of my friends said their iPhones showed the correct date) - but at least one other person suffered from the same stuck date on March 1st.

What about your iPhone/iPad? Did it get stuck on March 1 as well?

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