Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hologram Exhibition at Fantasporto 2012

Once again Porto hosts the International Film Festival Fantasporto (the 32nd edition) and as usually, it brings more than just movies to the Rivoli Theater. This time, everyone is invited to come visit a rare hologram exhibition that you won't easily find elsewhere.

There are dozens of holograms, some more impressive than others, ranging from simple geometric patterns to photos of people - including the portuguese former president Jorge Sampaio, perfectly captured in 3D.

But if you think this holo-portrait is cool, just wait until you see what I've saved for last.

Unlike the 3D effect on movies, where you're just watching a pseudo-3D image that tries to trick your brain (things might look like they're popping out of the screen, but your eyes still need to be focused on the screen itself - which is what induces nausea and that "weird feeling" effect some people feel), with holograms you're really looking into a real 3D image that you can move around and focus on near/far objects.

 [a window to a whole new world]

I though I had seen it all when it comes to holograms... But I was in for a big surprise. This one makes the visit worthwhile by itself.

Unlike the others, this one offers a view into a laboratory scene, where you can watch not only the object placed near the "window", but well into the background... 6 or 7 meters worth of hologram depth! You can even duck to watch things well above near the ceiling.

And, if this wasn't awesome enough, there's a mirror placed nearby that allows you to see the 3D reflection of the objects on the hologram! That's the sort of thing that is enough to make your jaw drop to the floor.

Just see it for yourself... although not in its full - and real 3D - glory.

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