Monday, March 5, 2012

Microsoft IllumiShare Allows Remote Physical Sharing

It's no secret Microsoft has a lot of interesting projects going on at their Research Labs, and this IllumiShare is but one of them.

However, unlike the ones that are far from becoming real products, this one is so simple that it makes us wonder why no one had thought of it before. It's basically a simple camera+projector combo, that is housed in a simple desk lamp housing, and it allows people to share a real physical desktop space remotely.

This means you can see and interact with people using real physical objects. You can help someone do their homework; or play card games or tic-tac-toe. But, most important of all... is trying to imagine just what else you could use it for!

One things for sure... our future is bound to become a lot more shareable, not only in the virtual digital world, but in the real physical one as well.

[MS Next via The Verge]

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