Sunday, March 4, 2012

Naked Man in Car Trunk in Streetview

One can never expect what to find when it starts strolling around Google Maps Streeview... But in Germany one such odd case has been causing quite a stir: an image shows an apparently naked man inside a car trunk (in a convertible, which would make it even less roomier than you'd might expect. :)

Google has quickly pulled the image, but the buzz will never stop to spread across the internet. What would the man be doing, stuck in a car trunk next to a dog sleeping on the floor?

My take is that he's probably wearing shorts and simply cleaning up his car trunk - or messing around with the cabriolet retractable roof system. A simple explanation that wouldn't please anyone hoping for a more sordid/adventurous explanation - like that trunk beeing a time portal into another dimension - but... take your pick. Any guess is as good as mine... :)

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