Friday, March 23, 2012

Paste Images Directly to the Web

It's kind of sad to notice that, even with decades of computer and software evolution, there are still so many "basic" things that make us perform dumb repetitive steps in order to do it. Take, for instance, the sharing of a simple screenshot of your desktop on the web.

You'll need to:
1) Press PrtSc to transfer your screenshot image to the clipboard
2) open a image editing program
3) paste the image into the program
4) save the image somewhere, with some name
5) upload the image to some web site to host it and share it
6) delete the temporary image on your computer

Is this really acceptable in our day and age? What if it could be done in a much simpler way?

Thankfully it can. Thanks to Snaggy you can paste your image directly to the web. Making the thing as simple as:

1) Press PrtSc (or copy any image from any other source)
2) Press paste on the Snaggy web page

... Much simpler, no? Kind of makes us wonder why doesn't every other image uploading service allow a similar way to upload images?

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