Monday, March 26, 2012

Draw Something... Like Money

Draw Something by OMGpop is the latest newcomer that is taking the world by storm. A simple "pictionary-like" game, where players all over the world put their drawing skills to the test, while others try to figure out the answer of what those cryptic lines mean - and I'm not referring to those that can actually draw, as we can see when looking at the best examples of what players are drawing.

Being just "another game", no one could predict that in just a few weeks it would become one of the most played games worldwide,  attracting the full attention of Zynga (makers of the popular Farmville, Cityville and countless other games) which bought the company for $180 million.

With over 35 million App downloads (for iOS and Android), and over 1 billions drawings, no one can really say if this is a game that will keep growing, or if it will quickly bore players that will soon move on to other games. But... for Charles Forman, founder of OMGpop... that won't stop him having a big smile on his face for a very long time.

[via NYtimes]

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