Monday, April 23, 2012

Come and Visit Portugal

Every once in a while, I can resist to talk to you about my country: Portugal. A country that unfortunately has been on the headlines lately due to the economic crisis - and is currently facing growing unemployment and some though price hikes - but that is still one of the most welcoming and enjoyable countries you could ever visit.

Though I live near Portugal's second largest town (Porto - if you do happen to come by let me know :) most flights will probably bring to our capital: Lisbon.

While you won't have any trouble finding good hotels in Lisbon, there's also a wide array of more affordable options (even several interesting hostels for backpackers with very cheap prices). But, more important than the place you'll be staying the night... is the "place" you're actually in.

When in Portugal, you'll find yourself surrounded by hundreds of years of history and tradition as well as some of the more modern aspects you could find in any city. You might be surprised to find all that you can do at our ATM machines, from buying tickets to shows to activating virtual payment cards to use online; or that we can fuel up our cars and drive away thanks to automatic wireless payment systems; or even that you're likely to find dozen of free Fonera WiFi hotspots for internet access in every city block.

And when the time comes to eat... well... you better be prepared to get home with a few extra pounds. From our traditional dishes that leave no one indifferent, to our highly regarded and appreciated deserts, you can be sure you'll want to be back for more!

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