Monday, April 23, 2012

Uncharted in Movie Version

We all know just how entangled the videogame industry and the movie industry have become lately. While once videogames were mere accessories used to promote a movie... now we have the exact opposite, with movies serving as "add-on" to hugely successful games with millions of fans worldwide.

Sure, not all of them would be movie material... but in some cases, that really is the case. Take for instance, the well known Uncharted saga on Sony Playstation.

This is the kind of game that, from the very beginning, looks like it would turn into a great movie.

And to that point, a fan has decided to edit all in-game videos together, and tie them with the required bits of gameplay... and the end result is 3 amazing movies, one for each Uncharted game out there, which anyone can enjoy (at least until someone complains about copyright issues and gets the content removed :(

[via kotaku]

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