Monday, April 9, 2012

New Kindles to Have Lighted Screen

Traditional Kindles with the eInk screen still attract those who prefer a more natural reading experience, similar to what printed paper provides. It's eInk screen not only allows it to have a battery life longer than what's possible with other kinds of screens (like LCDs and OLEDs), but allows it be easily read even under direct sunlight.

However, eInk screens also suffer from some drawbacks: like the lack of color, slow refresh rates... and impossible to read in the dark.

Technology is advancing, making color eInks screens and faster refreshes a reality that will inevitably reach consumers... But for now, it seems that Amazon is working on the other missing aspect: adding light to its kindle ebook readers.

Amazon has acquired a world leading light-guide technology company, which prompts us to believe that the next Kindle will offer a "glowing" screen that will improve its readability when ambient light levels decrease. This light guide technology means that it will only require a small layer over the existing screen, not affecting its touch sensing system.

[via Techcrunch]

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