Monday, April 30, 2012

Skype Reveals Every User IP address

If you take your online privacy seriously, you might want to know that you might be highly exposed if you happen to use Skype online service: as it is apparently very easy to know every Skype user's IP address.

An IP address might not be enough to get you a street address on someone, but is often enough to get a country and city approximate location; and it's made worse due to the fact that the attacker doesn't even need to be on your contact list. Right now, there might be people harvesting lists of IP/location info on thousands of online Skype user (offline users have no valid IP address that can be probed).

More so, an IP address is also a prime vector for attacks/hacking, allowing an attacker to direct its efforts to your location, allowing them to test known vulnerabilities and potentially gain access to your computer and infect it with malware or similar types of undesirable software.

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