Sunday, April 29, 2012

Google Maps Cube Game

If you're the kind of person that spends a lot of time in Google Maps... get ready to start spending even more time on it, thanks to this newly arrived Google Maps Cube game.

Truth be told, we were expecting it for quite a while now, as Google teased about it a few months back, and it was promised to arrive in February - which came and went without any sign of it.

But, it's here now, and in this game you have to tilt a cube map, thanks to the magic of WebGL in your browser.
The objective is to be as fast as possible, and you'll be finding world famous cities and landmarks across each of its 8 levels, like New York, Tokyo, Paris, etc.

Level 1 -  Manhattan - reach your friends at the Brooklyn Bowl.
Level 2 - San Francisco on two wheels, biking your way to four different landmarks.
Level 3 - Paris
Level 4 - London
Level 5 - Tokyo
Level 6 - Las Vegas
Level 7 - Mall of America
Level 8 - Well... you'll see it when you get there. :)

On each level you'll be using some of the Google Maps features, like traffic, bike maps, and navigation. And it sure will keep you trying for a while to beat your previous fastest attempts.

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